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None of the information on these web sites is intended for accessing by persons or companies from states in which the accessing of such information would result in an obligation for registration on the part of the SGCE or any of its subsidiaries. Furthermore, accessing of the information is forbidden to persons subject to a legal system forbidding them to access information on the web sites of the SGCE or any of the associated members companies within the SGCE.

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None of the information on these web sites constitutes an invitation of any kind to purchase, but is supplied purely for information purposes. Accordingly, we will not accept any buy or sell orders issued via the message window or by e-mail. Furthermore, none of the information on these web sites forms the basis for a recommendation to buy or sell investment instruments or to carry out any other transactions.

3. No guarantee that information is up to date, accurate or complete
Market and investment reports contained on these web sites are written by our staff. The reports are based on information which we believe derives from reliable sources. Nevertheless, we cannot vouch for the content of these reports, nor should they be regarded as comprehensive analyses or summaries of the securities, markets or developments mentioned in them. SGCE constantly monitors and updates the information on its web sites. Despite all reasonable care, data may subsequently have changed or be based on incorrect information from third parties. We therefore cannot accept any liability or give any guarantee that the information provided is up to date, accurate or complete.

4. Hyperlinks
Neither SGCE nor any of the associated member companies within the SGCE is responsible for the content of third-party web sites that can be accessed by hyperlink.

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SGCE reserves the right to make amendments or additions to the information provided at any time and without prior notice.

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